Patient Testimonials


Before working with Dr. T, I had been receiving chiropractic treatment consistently since I was in a head on car accident many years ago.  I relied on my chiropractors over the years to keep my neck in alignment, most of the time being seen once a week.

Since working with Dr. T, I have been able to stretch out my appointments with her to most recently 6 weeks. I  now know my adjustment is holding, my neck is healing as she is treating the original sight of my injury.  I can travel with ease and without fear that my neck will cause me pain.

Dr. T treats the whole person as she addresses not only the structure of the body, but nutrition, food plans; her approach is overall health and well being.  I appreciate her positive manner of treatment as she has offered me hope for healing and alleviating pain I thought I had to live with.  And I don’t.  Thank you Dr. T!
~Susan C.

I first saw Dr. Tedeschi for headaches everyday and constant pain in my neck. I got immediate relief in the office and after several weeks the headaches and pain were gone. I have continued with her for other issues. Thanks to Dr. Tedeschi, I am still mobile despite increasing pain and weakness in my back and legs. I would not be walking if not for her. ~Marina

With the mind and body connection gift that Dr. T has, I believe that I owe my life to her power. I would not be walking today if she were not my chiropractor. ~Kathy

Dr. Tedeschi is the best of all the chiropractors I have recieved care from. She provides complete care for the whole system. ~ DeAnn

Instead of waiting in the ER for hours, I was back at work the next day doing what I love! ~ Susan

It is the most important gift anyone has ever given me: my life back. Thank you, Dr. T! ~ Reita

Through the use of supplements and the 5 minute phobia method, my hair grew back! Thank you, Dr. Tedeschi! ~Jean

I have been treated for chronic cervical misalignment by several different chiropractors for almost 20 years. It was not until this year, after being treated by Dr. Karen Tedeschi that my chronic cervical problems came to an end. After only 4 months of treatments by Dr. Tedeschi, my cervical structure is almost perfectly aligned, and consistently so.
~ Susan P.

After seeing many MD’s and being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I wasn’t getting any relief, just lots of pills. One morning I woke in lots of pain, a 10! My daughter had been after me to see an AK Chiropractor, so I called 3 off the list she had given me, and only Dr. T. could see me that week. Dr. T. got me started on the right herbs and lots of hands on healing and adjustments with the pulse-activator. Within a few visits I started improving. She even did detoxing on me to get all the medicines and poisons out of me. Eleven months later, I was telling my daughter how good I was feeling and that I didn’t even feel I had Fibromyalgia any more. Thank you Dr. T.!
~ Diane B.

Before seeing Dr. Karen, I had developed a swollen Arthritic left knee and foot. I had to stop my favorite hobby of walking. I experienced constant pain. Having seen Dr. Karen for 5 appointments and treatment, the swelling is 95% reduced and the color is back to normal and the pain I experienced is now reduced by 95%.
~ Pat C.

Dr. Tedeschi,
I wanted to thank you for your help over the last week. After being diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, being treated for a month and subsequently being referred for surgery, my wife insisted I come see you before doing anything further. I had bee suffering from tremors, I had lost 15% of my body weight (being thin to begin with) and have experienced terrible thyroid medication side effects such as itching, arthritic pain and sleeplessness. I’ve followed your instructions with regard to diet, supplements, and sessions, and in the last week I’ve gained 10 lbs. And the side effects have subsided. I feel much more comfortable with the endocrinologist you referred me to. He is trying to work with medication rather than surgery. What a difference a week makes! Thanks again.
~ Robbie B.

I first came to Tedeschi Wellness in Spring 2003, on the recommendation of a friend. I was getting migraine headaches an average of 3 days a week. I consulted several doctors for the problem, and was told I had allergies and should take antihistamines. The antihistamines put me to sleep very well, but did nothing for the headaches. I was given a prescription for Tylenol 2, which did little to help ~ I was still laid out on the sofa for days. With two teenagers and a gardening business, this was just no way to lead a life.

Dr. Tedeschi found the migraines were caused by several factors: 1. I have scars on my feet from a foot surgery I had several years ago and these scars needed to be resolved. 2. My level of estrogen to progesterone was too high, so I needed to use progesterone cream. 3. I have a problem with hypoglycemia and needed to change my diet. 4. I needed to take some nutritional supplements that help keep my head from getting locked up in the first place.

The work that we’ve done in these three areas has reduced the migraines dramatically. I still get migraines, but they do not last for days, and they occur less frequently. When a migraine is coming on, I can stop it or at least reduce the severity using several methods, usually pressing on my foot scars in a particular way. Even when I do get a migraine now, I can still function on some level. I can sit up, make phone calls, write and work on my laptop, and drive a car. I would not have been able to do that a year ago.

Along with the major problem of the headaches, there were some other problems that have been fixed along the way.

Since I was 20, my right wrist would occasionally give out, as if I had tendonitis. By the time I consulted Dr. T., the wrist hurt all the time. During the exam she found a relationship between the wrist problem and high levels of tin. She prescribed homeopathic drops to remove the tin, and within four days the pain stopped. I haven’t had a problem with the wrist since.

I often felt fatigued and was having increasing bouts of depression. Changing my diet and using the progesterone cream Eliminated these problems. One day after I changed my diet, I could feel the difference. I used to nod off in my chair in mid afternoon and around 8 pm. I was told by many people that this is just something that happens when you get to middle age, so I accepted it a normal. Well, apparently it only happens in middle age if a person has been eating an unbalanced diet for decades. The diet changes are remarkably easy to follow, I don’t have to count or weigh anything, and I am never hungry. I was on the road to Type II diabetes, and am delighted I could get off that road so easily.
~ Sharon B.