Protect Your Skin While Protecting Your Skin


Spring is here which means summer is right around the corner. This also means that we spend more time out in the sun and we are probably buying sunscreen. While our intention to protect our skin is good, we may not be completely aware of what we are putting on our skin.

Here are a few ingredients commonly used in sunscreens that we should avoid.

Octinoxate: It becomes toxic when exposed to sunlight and it is an endocrine disruptor which means it can cause estrogen problems

Dioxybenzone: It is one of the most powerful DNA altering free radical generators. Free radicals can cause skin damage, wrinkles and inflammation

Oxybenzone: Can cause DNA damage and disrupt hormones. It is carcinogenic.

Octocrylene: is mutagenic

Cinoxate: Causes infertility and is linked to toxicity in humans.

Be sure that you’re actually protecting your skin when you enjoy the longer days of sunshine. Read the labels and insure that your sun-protectant is toxin-free. You can still get that healthy, sun-kissed glow while protecting your skin at the same time. If you need some natural tips on how to protect and nurture your skin for those glorious, sun-shiny days, give us a call or stop by. We’re happy to help you love the sun and love your skin.