Karen_Tedeschi_031516_0017T-(ZF-3360-22964-1-001)Dr. Karen Tedeschi is Available for Your Next Wellness Event!

Like you, wholistic health and wellness expert, Dr. Karen Tedeschi, D.C., aka Dr. T, has seen the word “wellness” defined numerous ways over the years. Is it just feeling good? Having an optimistic outlook about life? Only going to the doctor when you have symptoms? Eating only fruits and vegetables? Is it exercise? Or, is there a different story?

With three decades of helping people regain their health, including getting people up and moving again after not being able to do so for extended periods of time, Dr. T’s view is radically different. She appreciates and shares that health is a choice and not about how you “feel” at the moment.

Wellness is for everyone, everyday!

Dr. T, sometimes referred to as a “witch doctor” by her patients for her ability to heal, is able to express her passion for individualized health. Her engaging style and charisma allows the audience to easily grasp the information she provides so they are well equipped to make educated decisions about their lives. Dr. T’s real life stories connect with her audience at an intimate, and individual level.

Dr. T owns a natural solutions healthcare center in Atlanta, GA. She has studied chiropractic, applied kinesiology, nutrition, and multiple therapies including massage, Reiki, and Pranic Healing. She has been the “go to” practitioner for many vocal coaches, business owners, athletes, and the “future leaders of America. People have traveled from around the globe to benefit from her expertise.

Here’s what people have to say about Dr. T:

“You make me believe in God again.” ~Rita

“Instead of waiting in the ER for hours, I was back at work the next day doing what I love!” ~Susan

“With the mind and body connection gift that Dr. T has,

I believe that I owe my life to her power.” ~Kathy

Make Dr. T your choice and bring healthy home. Call 404-320-0204!