If you have never been to a chiropractor before you are wondering why you should go because your back doesn’t hurt. Or maybe, you have been to a chiropractor before and you are wondering what makes me different from other chiropractors. Read on to have your questions answered.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic was made in America. Iowa to be exact. It has its roots in bone setting and magnetic healing. These were standard ways of treating the body before the use of antibiotics gained traction in the 1940’s.

Chiropractic is based on the law of science called homeostasis. Homeostasis is the law that every living being is born with the ability to be stable/healthy within it’s self and it’s environment.

The body will do everything in its power to maintain homeostasis aka balance. The brain and the spinal cord make up the central nervous system. The central nervous system, housed by your vertebrae and skull, is your body’s central command station. The peripheral nervous system is everything else in the nervous system that is outside the brain and spinal column. It is your own private wiring, your own hard-drive, if you will.

The vertebrae house the spinal column. The vertebrae are the structure that can become misaligned and create a change in the functioning of our nervous system. Chiropractic addresses these misalignments. These misalignments can also be created in any joint in the body.

That defines the structure, but what does the nervous system actually do? Its function is to control and coordinate other organs and structures in relationship to each other and to its environment. Think about it. If your computer gets a bug, what do you have to do? Sometimes it is as easy as a reboot. Sometimes you have to run diagnostics, get treatments that offer protection and cleanup (like the immune system). And sometimes it is too late and healing does not look anything like we hoped it would.

As any good science, art, and discipline chiropractic has advanced since the time of its birth in 1895. There is a relationship between the neuro-musculoskeletal structure, and the loss of integrity/homeostasis of the nervous system.


What is the cracking sound?

Yes, sometimes when you adjust a bone there is a sound, sometimes there is not. The sound does not come from the bone at all. Nothing is breaking. The sound is a release of pressure from the fluids/gasses around the joint. The same sound happens when you crack your knuckles (or any joint). The fluid in the joint builds up in about 20 minutes. When you crack your knuckles and create that sound and do it repeatedly, you are creating a micro-trauma in the joint, potentially creating long-term damage. When you do that to your spine, you are doing the same thing. You are pushing a normal joint past its threshold of motion releasing pressure creating the sound. You may not be correcting a problem, which is why the pressure and discomfort returns after 20-25 minutes.

In a chiropractic adjustment we put normal motion back into a joint that is compromised. The sound is not necessary for that to happen. Using very little force without any sound can restore proper joint motion. When you restore proper motion to the joint, nerve function is restored along with blood flow, lymphatic flow and chemical flow.

Is it going to hurt?

Most of the time, chiropractic does not hurt. There can be spasm of muscles that cause pain along with inflammation that may cause pain. When any of those areas are touched, they may be sensitive but they soon release and normalize and the sensation of pain disappears.

Do I have to keep going back forever?

I love it when people come in for adjustments before they feel any pain. Often times, they are surprised when I work on an area that is tender. Our bodies communicate some level of dysfunction through tenderness. We use the neuro-musculoskeletal system to normalize nervous system function. Once that is done, the pain goes away, avoiding further breakdown of the body.

Our nervous system is so powerful and integral to our overall health and happiness, yet many often ignore its health. We can all change that by including regular care into our lives. This can be once a month, once a quarter or a couple times a year.


Why do I call it a treatment instead of an adjustment?

The term adjustment usually relates to just the moving of the bones. I also apply other techniques to assist the bones to stay in place longer, thereby supporting the nervous system from more angles. It is a way of multi-tasking to save time, energy and money.

A treatment might also include adjustments of the cranium as well as the extremities. I may also include soft tissue work to unwind the connective tissue or restore proper muscle function.


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